Ever since making every other wagon made look like a wimpy slow-mobile, the Audi RS6 Avant has had us drooling over its 580 HP, 5.0 liter V10. But now it comes in sedan flavor. The Audi RS6 sedan gets the same goods as the wagon (ceramic brakes, all-wheel drive, 100% badass) but cuts a more svelte shape thanks to the sedan form. It's hard to not heap praise upon the RS6: After all, how many cars have the performance capabilities of your average supercar with seating for five?

This symphony of aluminum und schteel begs the question: Has Audi built the greatest full-sized sedan ever? It's a fairly easy answer when it comes to the RS6 Avant, which is hands-down the most staggeringly amazing wagon ever. But the greatest sedan? Oh, that's a tough one. Expect to see The Audi RS6 embarrassing Ferraris at your local high-dollar drag strip as soon as they hit dealer lots. [Autoblog]


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