2009 Acura TL

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Yesterday we gave you a run-down on the details and rumors we'd recently heard on the 2009 Acura TL. Today we've got confirmation on some of those rumors. Well, at least the part about what to expect from the new TL's design. Our Honda-loving buddies at the Temple of VTec have snagged themselves some spy photos of the new TL. While still very much Glad-bagged and Hefty Cinch-sacked on the front end, the rear's exhibiting only a bit of body-color-matching tape. The two shots tell us our source was spot on on everything from the dip in the rear trunk lid to...

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...the strong centerline on the front of the hood. Ooh, and this shot-by-spies car's got what appears to be a dual-pipe exhaust — rather than the quad-pipe we'd seen in earlier shots. Can someone say 2009 Acura TL Type-S? We hope we can. We're hoping one of you industrious readers out there feels like making the trek out to Colorado and catching some shots of the new TL before we see it un-wrapped later this summer. [Photo 1, Photo 2 via TOV]

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Why does Honda even bother with the stupid camo when it's super-obvious that it's going to have the same hideous new front end as the new RL and TSX?

Speaking of which, I have no f'ing idea what the hell the designers at Acura were smoking when they came up with this new look.

People who liked the TL or TSX or whatever were repulsed when I showed them the new Acura front end of the RL. So they're not likely to enjoy the new TSX or TL front ends either.

Seriously it's friggin' depressing when a company that makes pretty decent cars just...does something this moronic.