2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser

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This image was lost some time after publication.

Looks like the 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser will be getting two new and pretty colors for the new model year, at least based upon these new spy photos we've been handed by the folks at the FJCruiserForums. The colors of these just-off-the-boat FJ's shot in Portland, appear to be what the forum folks have called "Brick Red" and "Sand Beige." In addition to the new paint jobs, we're also told by tipster Greg we should be seeing something Toyota's calling the "Offroad Package" for ToMoCo's Mini-looking steroid machine. We're thinking it may have something to do with what people driving the FJ don't normally do — much like a "Trail Rating" on the Jeep Patriot.

[via FJCruiserForums]


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Al Navarro


Alas, a similar fate awaits anyone who buys a non-limited production "image-centric" car... even the TT I drive. They are unique for a while, then when production/availability ramps up...it's just a 4WD Golf with a sexy body.

This is all compounded when the vehicle in question is a retro-homage...


That said, whenver I take the TT to non-urban/suburban areas (near VIR, for example), the TT still turns heads...even as dirty as a I keep it. You'd think I drove up in a Gallardo all the necks that snapped.