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2008 Subaru STI Spotted on the N-Ring

Illustration for article titled 2008 Subaru STI Spotted on the N-Ring

Spotted on the Nürburgring ahead of its debut at the Tokyo auto show next month is the one, the ugly Subaru STI. Scoobnutz have been sweating this car for months, ever since they took one look at the latest Impreza line this past April and hit the Dramamine. But every car looks good with a wider stance, a goose-slurping hood scoop and low-profile blackies. Thus, though the new, 300+-hp STI is still only an awkwardly shaped ghost spotted from the roadside by those with long lenses, its reveal nonetheless be one of the major auto-enthusiast events of 2008. [Auto Gespot]


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STi in wagon form makes up for a little, even if it is ugly. But then again, at least they haven't neutered the AWD in addition to making it ugly, such as the Eclipse, since the beautiful, and decent handling 2g. Don't even get me started on how Chrysler killed my beloved Eagle Talon all together. If they hadn't ditched the Eagle brand because they were sucking financially, Mitsu might have even let them make a Mopar Evo...