2008 Subaru Impreza STI on Video

We plastered up a set of spy photos of the next Subaru STI, shot earlier this summer on the Nürburgring. Now, gander at the accompanying video, courtesy of World Car Fans. In the run-up to Tokyo, many a sport-compact junkie is pining for this scooby snack, if only to redeem its plain-Jane sibling's geometry, which would make even Euclid run for the vomitorum. We've noted that lower and wider might do the trick, considering the '08 Impreza's ungainliness comes mainly from a perceived high center of gravity. We'll see. Soon.



I maintain that they would look (and function) better with a front mounted intercooler. The hood scoop's good marketing, but sitting atop the motor makes me think it's more interWARMER than intercooler. Probably not the case, but still. . . . They front mount it on the rally versions, with air intake via the hoodscoop.

But I'm a fan of sleepers who drives a WRX, so what the fuck do I know?