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2008 Mazda2 Sedan Revealed

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

The new B-segment microcar for the brand all about Zoom-Zoom was just revealed at the 2007 Guangzhou International Auto Show in China. It's the new Mazda2 sedan and it'll be built by a partnership between Mazda, Ford and the Chinese automaker Changan Automobile Group. The joint venture has been given the kinda obvious, yet still a mouthful name Changan Ford Mazda Motors Limited. Although for the time being the Mazda2 sedan'll only be available in the Chinese market, it's what Mazda's calling a "global strategic model." Our bet is since we'd heard the Mazda2 would be the basis for a new Ford offering, this Chinese-built 98" wheelbase tiny car seems like it'll be fairly close to what we should be expecting from Ford come 2010 when they finally bring a B-segment car stateside. Oh and the dimensions? It's 168 inches long, 66.73 inches wide and 58.26 inches high. That's just a few inches longer, wider and taller than a '72 Datsun 240Z and approximately the same size as a Chevy Aveo — but with an exterior that's around ten times better looking.
[Mazda via AutoinCar]


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Does Mazda (or Ford for that matter) have anything that can compete against the Aveo, Accent, Rio, Prius, Fit, or Versa?

Does anyone know why Ford is totally absent from this segment in the US?

Scratch that. Who knows why Ford does anything these days.

Play artist Korn.