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The new B-segment microcar for the brand all about Zoom-Zoom was just revealed at the 2007 Guangzhou International Auto Show in China. It's the new Mazda2 sedan and it'll be built by a partnership between Mazda, Ford and the Chinese automaker Changan Automobile Group. The joint venture has been given the kinda obvious, yet still a mouthful name Changan Ford Mazda Motors Limited. Although for the time being the Mazda2 sedan'll only be available in the Chinese market, it's what Mazda's calling a "global strategic model." Our bet is since we'd heard the Mazda2 would be the basis for a new Ford offering, this Chinese-built 98" wheelbase tiny car seems like it'll be fairly close to what we should be expecting from Ford come 2010 when they finally bring a B-segment car stateside. Oh and the dimensions? It's 168 inches long, 66.73 inches wide and 58.26 inches high. That's just a few inches longer, wider and taller than a '72 Datsun 240Z and approximately the same size as a Chevy Aveo — but with an exterior that's around ten times better looking.
[Mazda via AutoinCar]