2008 Dodge Challengers Hanging Out At Roush With All The Cool Kids

A reader over at CarScoop managed to catch a pair of production-looking 2008 Dodge Challenger muscle cars hanging out at Roush, tuner of most things Ford. There are a couple of interesting things going on here. First, there don't appear to be any racing stripes, which could lead you to think these aren't SRT8's, though we think they are. Second, they're hanging out in front of Roush.

Is this a couple of engineers with Challengers paying a visit to mock Roush and their Mustang entrant into the Muscle Car Wars? Is Roush going to be tuning the next generation of Challengers? Did the drivers stop to take a leak? We don't know, but we're happy to speculate. Nope, unfortunately not. You see, this is Roush Industries, not Roush Performance. That's like an entirely different company and stuff. (UPDATE: The company pictures is not Roush Performance, but Roush Industries. Both are part of the same company, but the former tunes Stangs while the latter is a parts supplier)[Oot via CarScoop]


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