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So the three-headed dog that runs "The New Chrysler" showed off their new muscle car to their wide world of dealers and a select group of media in Vegas last week. But it wasn't the concept car 2008 Dodge Challenger we've been seeing since it's first reveal at last year's Detroit Auto Show. Instead, they showed off what we're hearing is the production version of the new '08 Dodge Challenger via some secret camera phone shots from either a media person or dealer in attendance at the event. Luckily, as we didn't go, it obviously couldn't have been us who snapped these shots — but fear not, we've got the utmost expectation we'll be getting a call from Chrysler PR blaming us for it. We'll just have to wait for the Chicago Auto Show to see it in person. Full spy report after the jump.

"-Comes out in March as 08 model -5500 to be built, all SRT8's with AUTOMATICS for 38K -July 08 production begins for the 09 model year where they will offer 3.5L V6, and both 5.7L and 6.1L HEMIS will be available with 6-spd T-56's..."