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2007 Uddeholm Swedish Rally, Final

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Photo: Reporter Images/Getty Images

Not unexpectedly, Marcus Gr nholm and human nav system Timo Rautiainen dominated the Swedish Rally right up to the last four-wheel drift. No amount of shotgunning by S bastien Loeb could pull him closer than second — a bad tire choice costing a crucial 20 seconds in an earlier stage. The win marked Gr nholm's fifth in Sweden. In third was fellow Finn Mikko Hirvonen. Next stop, Norway, which as Gr nholm says is, "a bit different and no one knows it." That's probably just the imported, duty-free celebratory hooch talking.


Gronholm wins fifth Swedish Rally []

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scingram, you should head up to British Columbia and run the Thunderbird rally ([]). It's a TSD event, so it's open to any type of car, no race prep required. It runs in February (17-18th this year), so there's plenty of snow. And yes, using the snow banks as cornering aids does occur often.

Bring extra forward facing lighting, as the first day goes past dark. I know, it's "just a TSD" so the speeds aren't real high, but 35mph is fast on a snow covered gravel road. And if you get lost and need to make up time, that quickly can turn to 60mph...