2007 Norway Rally Update, First Leg

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It was the second week of driving on ice and snow for WRC drivers, as the first Norway Rally kicked off in the lake region of Hamar. At the first day's end, it was Finn Mikko Hirvonen (1:24:39.0) leading with a 15.5-second advantage over Ford teammate Marcus Gr nholm after eight special stages. France's Sebasti n Loeb again drew the spotlight by placing third, one spot behind his 2007 season nemesis, whom he leads by two points. Local talent Petter Solberg placed fourth in his Subaru. Leg 2 Preview: Loeb's out. He hit a snow bank during SS12 (the ski jump stadium stage), and it took him 8 minutes to get free.


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You get more longitudinal OR lateral acceleration with more traction. period. Think of the "traction circle" model they tell you about in driving school. I wasn't saying the tires should be treadless and/or solid at all. Tread is important in any case. I was simply stating that skinnier is better for ALL forms of traction on ice, as there is more weight on a single point of contact, because the contact patch is smaller.

Reducing sidewall deflection really only helps with high lateral g capability, which you don't have to worry about on ice, as you don't get enough total traction to pull the tread one way or the other. And those skinny rally tires actually have deceptively stiff sidewalls anyway.