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The rains couldn't keep Leno's Tank Car from exhibition at the Woodward Dream Cruise, but the boys at Bosch were kind enough to drop a tent over it to make sure no damage would be done to the one-of-a-kind engine on wheels by the not-so-much torrential downpour. If y'all remember, his 9500-lb. hot rod's humongous V12 tank engine (1792 ci) was merely naturally aspirated, so Gale Banks and the boys at Bosch decided to fit the sucker with some twin-turbo action. The resulting 1600 hp and 3000 lb.-ft torque is nothing less than epic β€” but we'll let you judge that for yourself.

Turbo Tankcar Goodness; Fat, Fast Bastard: Twin Turbos for Leno's Tank Car [internal]