2001 Holden VU S Completely Roo Proof, Possibly Dekotora Inspired

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If you want a peek into the end-of-life future of the Pontiac G8 Utes to come, here's a good idea what kids in the heartland will be doing with the almost El Camino after it does the 1 lap of depreciation. This example for sale in Oz is going for approximately $21,954 USD, but it's still redneck-tastic. We'd be lying if we said in our younger days, half our friends didn't have aftermarket bumpers like this on their trucks, so we know the motivation for installing guards like this - primarily deer, or in this case kangaroos.


Since Roo's are pests in Australia like deer and antelope here, and not of the cuddly belly-pocket toting icons they are in the US, making sure your Holden wins in a fight is more important than looks. Of course, depending on your perspective it does look pretty badass. We've got a shiny new nickel that says this ride has never done a donut in its life. [DigiAds]

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Alf, in pog form

Now the problem with hitting a roo is when you happen to hit one in mid jump. In such a case, the roo clears the front of the car altogether (roo bar included) and can get rammed inside the car via the windscreen. If the kangaroo is still alive after the windscreen impact it naturally becomes quite startled and developes a frantic longing to be reacquainted with its natural bushland habitat. In it's haste to exit the vehicle it begins to thrash about and kick the livng crap out of anything within leg-reach (leg-reach includes the entire cabin-space of the average car). Kangaroo's have a sharp and long claw on the middle toe, so being stuck in a car with a aggrevated roo gives the cars occupants as much chance of exiting unscathed as would a frog which has been dropped in a blender!

Hitting an emu is much much worse though, but that's a story for another time.....