If you want a peek into the end-of-life future of the Pontiac G8 Utes to come, here's a good idea what kids in the heartland will be doing with the almost El Camino after it does the 1 lap of depreciation. This example for sale in Oz is going for approximately $21,954 USD, but it's still redneck-tastic. We'd be lying if we said in our younger days, half our friends didn't have aftermarket bumpers like this on their trucks, so we know the motivation for installing guards like this - primarily deer, or in this case kangaroos.

Since Roo's are pests in Australia like deer and antelope here, and not of the cuddly belly-pocket toting icons they are in the US, making sure your Holden wins in a fight is more important than looks. Of course, depending on your perspective it does look pretty badass. We've got a shiny new nickel that says this ride has never done a donut in its life. [DigiAds]


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