Somebody Seriously Drifted One Of Those 200 Ton Mining Dump Trucks

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Mike Ryan, The semi-truck stunt driving maniac who rocked Gymkhana and Pikes Peak in a 1,200 horsepower Freightliner, has taken it upon himself to put on a hooning clinic in one of those 200 ton dump trucks with tires twice your height.


It's a little hard to tell through all the funky filters and strobe lights, but the truck you're watching is a CAT 789. Ryan says it's 200,000 pounds empty, makes "well over 2,000 horsepower" and can carry a gross weight of over half a million pounds.

The stunt went down in Chavies, Kentucky where a coal mining company was able to provide the truck.

I can't imagine how the producers of this commercial talked the owner of a BMW M1 into lending them his car for a few fate-temping frames. The Corvette isn't exactly throw-away material either, and even a replica Cobra is pretty precious to leave in the path of tires that are 13' tall.


Spoiler alert: the purpose of the exercise is to drive home a metaphor for a cloud computing/data company. Their customers can have "size" and "agility." Get it?


Images: Mike Ryan Motorsports

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