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The owner of this $2.3 million customized Bugatti Veyron attempted a 124 mph pass on the Autobahn Sunday morning, only to collide with another car and a tractor-trailer. Police estimate the damage to the Veyron at $550,000.

According to German police, the incident occurred near Gieselwind in Bavaria when the driver of the custom $2.3 million Bugatti Veyron passed an 18-wheeler at approximately 124 mph. After overtaking the truck, the Veyron driver suddenly noticed another car attempting the same maneuver.


After unsuccessfully trying to brake and slide between the truck and the other car, the Bugatti hit the front of the 18-wheeler before bouncing into the other car and into the guardrail. The 18-wheeler then crashed into the shoulder and nearly tipped over, requiring a crane to be moved.

German police report no injuries in the event, but do say there's at least $550K damage to the unique Veyron. Please tell us someone got video.

(Hat tip to Oerx!)

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