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Bill Ford was well-known for drawing down the lowest salary in the automotive industry — even less than workers building the next econo-box will be making over in Red China — he was paid a grand total of nothing for his job as CEO. Well, Mulally wasn't gonna try to one-up the former CEO and his new boss (maybe?) so he's just going to have to take the standard FoMoCo CEO pay package, gleaned from financial filings today with the SEC by the Freep FoMoCo reporter, Sarah Webster:

"Ford Motor Co. said today that it will pay at least $20.5 million to its new president and CEO Alan Mulally...Ford will pay Mulally a $2 million annual salary, a $7.5 million hiring bonus and $11 million to offset forfeited awards that he would have received at Boeing Co..."

That's a hella lot of ducats — we so gotta get us one of those jobs one of these days.

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