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Our old friend Peeet (not to be confused with Sweet Peet D.), whom we once played in a high-school heavy-metal band with (the less said about Cynical Threat, the better, frankly), has a fascination with small cars. We think it comes from having to drive around in a '72 Buick Electra as a teenager. He's owned a Toyota Tercel E-Z and now drives a Hyundai Accent. But years ago, he used to tell us he wanted a Daihatsu Charade. Daihatsu, frankly, is one of the coolest car companies in the world (and by far the bestest division of Toyota). Not only do they build the Boon keicar, they also used to construct a device called the Fellow. And dude, you simply can't front on the Fellow.

History of Daihatsu Kei Jidosha

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