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Exalted Mother of the Sultan of Brunei! The new Gallardo stuff is coming fastly and furiously, and the kids over at have some more info/speculation. Apparently, this sucker's fitted with a couple of turbos, boosting output to 600hp, blasting it handily past the F430, while keepiing it respectfully below its LP640 big brother. What's not known is if the car's an R8 test mule or a preview of the baby bull's most insane-o incarnation to date. [UPDATE: An Autoblog writer who's been to that dealership adds perspective: "I think this is a dealer specific model that is N/A and has a few tweaks to go along with the new bodywork. This same dealership where this one was parked offered a limited run of MOMO special edition models last year, iirc."]

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