1976 Subaru commercial highlights adventures in good cars and bad pickup lines

As the times change, so too do the vehicles in which you are unsuccessfully trying to attract female attention—at least according to this Subaru commercial. What better way to follow up two decades of hitting home runs with your interesting automotive choices while striking out with the opposite sex than purchasing a new Subaru?

Compromising between the bigger is better cars of the 1950s and the little economy cars of the 1960s was "the car of today", the 1976 Subaru. The protagonist of this commercial had made it through the previous decades in fine style (at least from an automotive perspective), leering at waitresses from behind the wheel of a 1957 Chevrolet convertible and chasing strange women backwards in an Autobianchi Bianchina.


By 1976, the poor sap featured in this vintage commercial was finally ready to embrace a more middle of the road approach—making casual small talk with the attractive ticket writing meter maid from the driver's seat of his new Subaru.

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