1970 Ford Mustang Fastback

Welcome to Down On The Street, where we admire old vehicles found parked on the streets of the Island That Rust Forgot: Alameda, California. We've seen many Alameda Mustangs, but this is our first '70.


I've been saving a lot of street-parked Mustangs in reserve for this series, but the island has so many of them that I'm going to try to knock out the years we haven't seen yet: 1964-1/2, 1970, 1971, and 1972.

This car is owned by an Alameda High School classmate of mine, and it serves as his daily driver; he was a little concerned that it should get a bath before being photographed, but I explained that the whole point of DOTS is that these are real-world cars, not spotless trailer queens. You'll find it parked out in front of his shop, Royal Auto Repair, where it no doubt serves as an advertisement to the many original owners of 60s cars on the island.

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