You know why our readers are so good? Because they find us fodder like this. That's right folks, step right up and grab your very own 5-lighted edition of the Simca 1204 Factory rally car! Chrysler actually entered these suckers. Some of your fathers might remember that Simcas were indeed sold in the US of A from 1969 until miserably flopping in 1972. But hey, us press types loved them. In fact, the Simca TI is largely credited with inspiring not only the Volkswagen Golf, but the GTI as well. Almighty claims that GTI stands for "Golf TI." No matter really, but the auction is sitting at $2,275 and you got just 4 days left. And Harvey prefers winning. Hurry! (Tip of the mighty and arrogant sombrero to Simon for the link) []