Otis Chandler, who died in February, was one of the last of the classic two-fisted gentleman adventurers as we knew them in the 20th Century. He surfed, he cheated death at eight years old, he hunted big game. He was trampled by a musk ox, and at 50 years old, he finally went racing. Oh, and he took the LA Times from a conservative rag that was largely considered one of the worst big-circulation newspapers in the nation to one of the country's best. After stepping down as publisher, he indulged his passion for all things motorized, amassing quite a collection and housing it in a private museum. In his will, it was mandated that the cars and bikes be sold, and Gooding & Co. have been tapped to do just that. The auction's October 21st at Chandler's museum in Oxnard, CA.

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