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One of Britian's top automotive analysts has a message for Sir Anthony: Buying Jaguar is a fool's errand. Bamford had told members of the press earlier this week that he'd consider taking the venerable cat off Ford's hands (sans Land Rover), just as his JCB Dieselmax team was celebrating their speed-record victory at the Bonnevile Salt Flats (now 350 mph — anyone for 400?). Bam Bam said to survive, Jaguar must downsize, shed the X-Type and re-skin the XJ — and he's just the billionaire to make that happen. But the analyst says if JCB truly were to buy Jaguar, the lack of synergy between the two companies would result in disaster, with Jag pulling JCB off its financial perch. Anyhow, ford still says Jag's not for sale. Whatever, guys. Bam Bam gets what Bam Bam wants.

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