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After we reminded folks of our own wild-ass speculation earlier this month on FoMoCo's prior planning for privatization, people are even beginning to notice our explanation for M&A expert Kenneth Leet's recent hire by the Dearborn-based automaker (to sell stuff to raise money to go private). Ahh, we're starting to feel like we're batting 1.000 on the punditry front this AM, with new articles up on the topic over at the Freep and Edmunds. We feel kind of like David Kiley over at BusinessWeek today, after he was vindicated over us taking him to task over his wild-ass speculation. But of course then he took us to task over us taking him to — wait, now we're confused. But anyway, speaking of Kiley, the man had a great little interview with Boss Bill himself — and yet, where was the question on taking FoMoCo private? Come on man, at least engage in the wild-ass speculation when you got the big man right in front of ya — it's like a disservice to all of us wild-ass speculators out there if you don't.

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