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Toyota's golden age is looking a bit brassy this morning. As the Wall Street Journal reports, the company may hold off introducing several new models by up to six months due to quality issues. The company's stutter-step offers a fine opportunity for American makers, who've upped their quality ratings of late, to make funny faces punctuated by strategic placement of thumbs and fingers at photos of Toyo prez Katsuaki "You Will All Pay Dearly for My Loss of Face" Watanabe. It's all about the rise in recalls of late, along with potential legal trouble for allegedly delaying a recall filing that may have prevented a fatal accident in 2004. Among the models that could be delayed are the next Sienna minivan, the Solara coupe and Avalon sedan. Sources say the prez, who says the company is in no way stalling, has been under 24-hour hiri kiri watch.

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