The Volkswagen Iroc concept's a far cry from its Giugiaro-designed predecessor, the 1973 prototype for VW's 1976 Scirocco coupe. But it's nonetheless that car's modern equivalent. The first Scirocco was introduced at the Paris motor show in 1973, while the Iroc will trod the Parisian boards in 2006. The Iroc also shares some similarities with the Audi Shooting Brake concept, just as the production Scirocco will share underpinnings with the 2007 Audi TT. Powered by VW's 210-hp TSI "twincharger" engine (turbocharger + supercharger = twincharger) linked to the DSG direct-shift gearbox, the Iroc will spawn the long-awaited Scirocco, which will likely appear in showrooms in late 2008. More pics after the jump.


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