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We Yanks tend to think of Euro cars as machines for overmoneyed, caviar-nibbling, expensive-jeans wearing sleazebags with expensive watches and questionable facial hair. Manliness is measured by the pure cubic inch, not the horsepower-per-cubic-inch. And truth be told, there's more than a fair dose of reality in that stereotype. But. But, there was a time when European sports racers, while more sophisticated than the Hudsons and Chryslers running 'shine across the backroads of the South, were just as goddamn rip-your-nips-off hairy-chested as anything we ever produced.

The 1958 Ferrari 412S is such a car, and this particular example — which, by the way, sounds like Yahweh on a six-day coke binge — was driven by luminaries such as Richie Ginther, Alfonso de Portago, Mike Hawthorn and Phil Hill (or "Feel Eel" as the French call him). Twelve cylinders, four cams, 4.1 litres of displacement, an aluminum body and drum brakes. You could've owned it for 5.6 mil, assuming that you didn't get outbid at RM's Monterey Auction.

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