We've seen an Olds Delta 88 that uses a handicapped placard to park in San Francisco's crowded South of Market neighborhood, and now reader TK has shot this F-85 a mile or so away in SF's even more parking-challenged Chinatown. This Olds is such a regular that it's visible in Google Street View! Make the jump to read TK's description.

I've seen this Oldsmobile Cutlass F85 in San Francisco Chinatown. Sitting around in front of corner of a tourist filled street in front of a shop called Chinatown Bizaar (Sacrmento/Grant). It's almost always in the same spot or within a block or two. Black CA plates, moo cow seat covers and the infamous blue handicap plaque.
It can also be seen on google maps street view at the exact same spot.
BTW I was one of the tourists. Didn't have a lot of time to take the pictures as my group was leaving. There were too many people on the sidewalk in the way, so getting a decent shot was not the easiest.
I imagine that the owner also has this red coupe version as it's in the same parking spot.