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It's something we speculated wild-assedly about way back at the beginning of August but now it seems that trains picking up some speed. And although we're not one to say "I told ya so" or "yeah, we know" — we'll still totally do that cause we're petty and it's funny. So, as we said earlier this month:

What about another, more private reason? What if Wee Willie Clay's sick of having to answer to the market all the time? One of the possibilities is he may be looking to build a cash chest to do some all of the public shares. Is that "wild-ass speculation?" Yes, but with market cap at only $13 billion, it certainly makes for a potentially realistic and interesting story, don't it? It's certainly more of a "Bold Move" than some of the other ideas.

Just remember kiddies — when you need wild-ass speculation that actually, potentially, could or may be reported by the mainstream media — Jalopnik's got it first. And it's ok media, no thanks necessary — we're just doing out pundit best. But — if you steal another idea from us, we'll sue.

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