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1961 Ford Econoline was the truck with the new shape and design

Ford introduced the Econoline to the world in 1961 as the truck with a new shape, new design and new name. Based on Ford's compact Falcon, the Econoline was available as a "panel truck" work loving, fun loving "station bus" and our personal favorite, the pickup truck.


It's certainly very easy to tell watching this promo video decades later how new the American van was in 1961. Econolines were still automotive based and significantly more stylish than the truck based models that would eventually replace them in 1968. We'll take one of each.

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Darth Meow 504

What ever happened to the old concept of snubnosed cab-forward trucks? The advantages are obvious and are even stated in the commercial, more space behind for cargo (or in modern two-row cabs, passengers and cargo) with less overall length. Why do we still waste length on useless hood? Semi trucks do cabovers to this day, it'd be great to see them on pickups.

That, and they just look really damned cool. As old as it is, the truck version looks more advanced in a retrofuturistic way than what's on the road now.