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Although our invitation to the big Honda / Acura shindig this week never did arrive (what's up with the lack of love for the Jalopnik, baby? ) — fear not, we were still able to get you a first-hand look at Acura's new hotness, the 2007 RDX — via the folks over at Acura of Troy. They held an owner ride-test event and gave us a sneak peek before the curtains opened. We've got the photo gallery below to let you feast your eyes upon all of its turbocharged SUV goodness — and we've also got a few folks on the inside of the event to give us the skinny on what we'll be missing. Although we're not entirely sure why this all is news, seeing as a bunch of folks with the long leads (hey guys, it's not the length of your lead, it's what ya do with it!) have already dropped the reviews on it — but what do we know? Y'all asked for it, so here ya go.

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