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That's what our Paukert-ed up friends at the blog down the road which winds are telling us this AM. They're claiming what you've got in crop-top-drop-shot above, and through the link below is none other than the GMT-900 edition of the Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon in some kind of "performance package", maybe even the SorrySucker SuperSexyBack SuperSport packages. But Winding Road asks the same questions we do — is this just a trim 'n tape job, or some real performance enhancements? Considering our experiences with some of Chevy's more recent SS models — and comments from more than a few engineers — we're guessing maybe not so much. But we really do like the camo job on the GMC — taping a Chevy bowtie to the front grille. 'Cause nothing reminds us more of badge-engineering than actually dropping the old badge back on top. Winding Road's got pics of both GMT-900 SUV's — hit them up for the deets.

Update: Sources tell us it's the Z71 package. We were only kidding calling it the SS...we swear — all for comedic effect.

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