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• Oh-oh-no, we got those SUV Blues! — The latest blues-fusion beat outta the Motor City has less to do with music and more to do with the actual feeling on resale values. [Detroit News]
• Good UAW News! :) Auto workers union wins membership from two luxe auto dealerships in Ann Arbor, MI. [Freep]
• Bad UAW News! :( A full-on bold Ford buyout plan'll kill membership. [Freep]
• That's right — it's mutha-fuckin' pac-man, and he's gonna chomp your ass with all sorts of horsepower. [Geek24]

• Manhattan landslide of August 2005 finally unearths mountain of muddy mucked-up motor vehicles. [NY Daily News]
• Belfast police get boulder dropped on cop car. Jeez, and we thought police at those top ten partying universities were the ones who should be concerned this week. [Belfast Telegraph]