Illustration for article titled 1958 Ferrari 250 PF Recovered In Connecticut 15 Years After Theft In Spain

A very rare, and very stolen, 1958 Ferrari 250 PF worth over $4,000,000 has been found in a private Connecticut collection, 15 years after being pinched in Spain. The Connecticut State Police Motor Vehicle Task Force and the Connecticut State Police Auto Theft Task Force tracked the Ferrari down with help from Interpol and the Swiss owner. Shockingly, the car was smuggled into New Jersey and registered with a fraudulent VIN, then passed around via a series of auctions and private sales. An unassuming buyer in 2000 should've been suspicious when he picked the car up for the stupid low price of $550,000; now he'll be crying in his soup as it heads home. (Thanks for the tips Doug and Steve)


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