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Ford's latest Whey Way Forward cost-cutting tactic, according to Automotive News is to starve the new Lincoln flagship of a V8 engine — a feature many consider crucial to meet competitors in the luxury market. Instead, the upcoming MKS sedan will get only Ford's new, fits-in-everything 3.5-liter V6 (Duratec 35, or Cyclone), which produces in the neighborhood of 240 265 hp currently — but Ford plans to "differentiate" the engine in the MKS, likely by maxing out its power potential (twin-turbo anyone?). AN says executives shelved a plan to use the Yamaha-sourced V8 from Volvo's XC90 for eight-pot goodness in several models. Ford's definitely lacking in small V8s for such applications; the question is, can they convince buyers not to care?

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