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The tuning gnomes at Brabus have worked up a package for the Mercedes GL-Class that will have speed-freak lacrosse moms begging their private banking reps for liquidity. Like other Brabus-tweaked Mercs that originally sported the 5.5-liter V8, Brabus customers can choose the company's 6.1-liter bored-out version for the GL. That setup results in 462 horsepower (454 ft.-lbs of torque) and a zero-to-60 time of six seconds. A lesser-performing BB kit for the 5.5 is also available — which (unbored) produces 419 hp — as is a performance-tuned computer control module for the diesel. (All engine kits come with stainless-steel exhaust systems, natch). But Brabus isn't just about speed tweaks (and laughing maniacally at the visiting media) — a body kit, interior accoutrements, a suspension control module (for lowering) and 18" to 20" wheelage are all part of the Brabusian customization experience.

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