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Our Transformers main man, Hue Hughes, gave us the lowdown on some pictures found over on one of the biggest Transformers fan-sites, The pictures are none other than robot-modes of Autobot main man himself and sporting the long-nosed semi look, Optimus Prime. And if that isn't enough to get your fan-boy love juices flowing, they've also got first-looks at Decepticon bad-boys Starscream, Blackout and Scorponok. Take a look through the photo gallery below and then click the jump for our two cents.

Ok, now that you've had a closer inspection, I think we'd all be in agreement that these, while definetly rock' n' sock 'em robots, are not what we remember from our childhood — despite the obfuscating mixtures of alcohol and what-not since — and although they're cool, they're really not what we had in mind. But here's the fun part — since they all are going to be done digitally, Michael Bay & Co. can still right these wrongs and give us what we really want — our classic G1 robot modes we all knew and loved instead of these uber-techie monstrosities we all see before us. So yeah, who's with us?

Transformers the Movie Toy Prototype and Character Images (reg. req.) []

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