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A few months back, a tipster gave us an account of his experience in a focus group regarding a new BMW crossover, which some publications have referred to as the X6 or LSC (luxury sport crossover). According to said tipster, the September issue of Popular Mechanics features a shot of the exact car that appeared before the focus group. While PM hasn't posted shots of the model online, a spec image published by AutoBild, the tipster says, is an accurate representation of the car. To wit:

There, in its funk-tastic glory, is the BMW Luxury Sport Crossover. [Popular Mechanics] says it's probably two years away from hitting the showroom floor. It's not quite a station-wagon, and it's not quite a hatchback, but it's one hell of
a crossover...

The new car, allegedly based on the increasingly ubiquitous 5-Series platform (x5, 6-Series) is expected to debut in early 2008, along with the V5 — a rumored Mercedes R-Class fighter. Diggity.


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