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We've walked, like the postal service, through rain and wind and a lack of adequate sidewalks, down Woodward Avenue from where we filed our initial reports at the Birmingham Starbucks at 15 Mile. So what's happened in the interim two hours? Two things. The first is that it's fucking wet outside. The second thing is that although we're inside the fine Caribou Coffee between 14 Mile and 13 Mile, we're fucking soaked. As we made the one and a half-mile trek down Woodward Avenue, the rain didn't let up (it actually intensified from spittin' to heavy drizzle) and there was only one thought going through our minds — when are we gonna see the hot chicks on hot classic cars. Well...

...we weren't able to find any of that yet. So instead, we're going to spend an hour or so while the weather gods make up their minds, posting some of the best and brightest we came across in our Team Jalopnik Party Crashing over the past couple of days. So sit back, relax, and we'll dry out.


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