We had the opportunity to hit up a GM event for a short while last night at Athens Coney Island right along M-1 in Royal Oak. We've got a few things we'll be showing you in a bit — but what we've got spun up above so far is all about Rick. You see, GM's Rick Wagoner knows all about the Dream Cruise — and according to him — GM knows all about using the Dream Cruise as a marketing tool. That makes sense...it's such a lovely time to talk about cars built by GM, Ford and Chrysler over the past 40 years — a chance to remind people of all of those positive experiences they had back in the day when cars drove big, fins were even bigger...really, any way possible they can find to tug on heart strings a bit to push sales. Both GM and Chrysler seem to understand this — they're pushing the msucle cars baby, and they want the two million plus attendees to know it (in case you're wondering what we're talking about — check through all of our coverage of this week's beginning of the muscle car wars). But we feel like one of the automakers isn't playing along...which one is it? Wait...it's on the tip of our tongue...it's...

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...FoMoCo! Thanks Bill — we were all set to start up a "Renaissance of the Big Three" story arc — and you frigging had to go and kill it by idling all those plants. That Ford — such buzz kills.

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