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The two biggest issues at any Dream Cruise are always the potential for rain and the potential inability to find parking. That's one of the reasons we were up at 5:00 AM to hit the streets and byways looking for spots to ditch our ride and make a walking cruise down Woodward Avenue. Just our luck, the rain decided to get up early too. But that's allright, that's ok — thanks to a tip from one Jalopnik reader late in the evening last night — we've got some covered parking, which is where we took the above pic of Woodward Avenue, drenched in rain. It only took us driving through three police barricades to get there, and the use of reasons like "Dream Cruise host committee" (lie), "Press" (obvious lie), "Grand Marshall's little brother" (come on now!). Despite our blatant fibbing, we got into this little alcove of dryness without more sweat than we usually do. However...

...since we'll only have the Wert-mobile there, and we'll be exposed to the elements — it does us little good. However, Chuck and Jerry on the boob-tube this morning (plus a liberal dose of tell us the rain's expected to clear up sometime soon this AM — and that's good, cause the thing is — the rain doesn't stop coupes — but it certainly ain't so peachy for our friends sporting drop-tops.


But if you're looking for spots to hit up today along M-1, the Detroit News has the scoop on where to be on this most storied of storied avenues. They point out all the obvs spots — and then check back here throughout the day where we'll be pointing out the not-so-obvs ones — just keep hitting refresh on our Woodward Dream Cruise mini-site. In addition, Spinelli will be providing some love throughout the day (thanks to camera-shy cam-man James LaMoreaux's pics) with something really special. We got a tour of Ed Meurer's amazing car collection out in Farmington Hills yesterday. The man must own more than 100 classic cars, many of which Spinn'll be spinning up for our readers throughout the day. Of course, if the rain continues it may end up being the only thing you see today, other than perhaps a tour of Woodward's best and brightest coffee shops.

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