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Scoobieheads from Shinjuku to Birmingham to Tejas Noches will be clinking cider glasses today, celebrating the 40th birthday of their beloved boxer engine. It was back in '66 when Fuji Heavy rolled out the Subaru 1000, a pea-sized four door sedan with a single-liter, four cylinder boxer engine and front wheel drive. That configuration would evolve over time to include the tech-heavy powerplants of today, but would retain the symmetry, neutral balance and close-as-dammit-to-equal weight distribution throughout. If anyone feels the need to demonstrate their Subie love to the world, send us a shot of you offering birthday wishes to a Subaru (yours or not) — in whatever form that takes — and we'll put them up. Drop them into the Jalop-box at [Thanks to John for the tip.]

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