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You remember Ron Patrick, don't you? He's the guy who built the jet-powered New Beetle whose blue-white afterburner flame's graced the pages of countless mags, lo these past several months. He's not done. We'll let Mr. Patrick describe his latest thrusty venture:

Here's my wife's Honda Metropolitan scooter. She wants it to go faster than 40 mph. So I have these two little JFS 100 jet engines and I am thinking how to put them on the scooter. Engines are 50 lbm each so weight is an issue. Will probably use air-start with a carbon fiber tank of compressed air. That saves weight since batteries will then not be needed.

Will want to make aluminum housings to go over the engines just like on a DC-9.

Oh, that sounds like a fine idea. Will there be drink service aboard this flight? [Thanks to Bill for the tip.]

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