Stock up on Bordeaux, kids; the town of Speedway, Indiana will see another European invasion in 2007. The George- Hulme bunch has inked a one-year extension of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's F1 contract, bringing the Grand Prix back to the track, likely in June. The one-year extension was as much of a commitment as track CEO Tony George would make, according to the Indianapolis Star, considering F1's footing, of which he said, "There are too many unanswered questions to commit any longer than that." George went on to say that he expects at least six drivers not to pull out of the race next year and that any disgruntled fan caught throwing Jug's fried chicken onto the track will be forced to peel the "F Michelin" stickers off the seat backs. [Thanks to Andy for the tip.]

F-1 racing will return to Speedway in 2007 [Indianapolis Star]

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