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Ok, so what have we learned so far at this years Woodward Dream Cruise — or at least the week leading up to it? Hunter House has, by far, the best slider burgers in the known universe. We've also learned not to jaywalk — or at the very least, don't get a ticket for jaywalking in Royal Oak (by the way, still looking for extra legal advice here — any takers?). We've also learned there's a major-league difference between "rat rods" and "hot rods." More than anything though, we've learned the importance of never underestimating the ability for people to organically create enthusiast groups around just about any car possible, as you'll see later today when we profile the Michigan Turbo Buick Club. But for the meantime, kick back in your lawn chair and check out Wert's latest update from the side of M-1, aka, Woodward Avenue:

• Ford's fuel cell ride is fresh n' clean n' peppy as it cruises down Woodward — so sayeth Mark Phelan. Of course, this is the same guy who called the "Challenger" a "Charger."
• The Detroit News has a pretty neat little map of all the Woodward Avenue sights, sounds n' stuff — print n' clip if you're coming to visit.
• We've now got battlin' blogs — the Detroit News has joined the fray with its entry into the blogorrhea that is automotive weblogs, joining the already established (for at least five days now!) Freep-branded typepad site. We think it's still simply adorable...they're so cute when they're young.
• So where will Wert be today? Well — he'll be down at the RenCen at 1:00 to show some love to Chevy's new-for-2007 something-or-the-other, and then he'll be live-blogging from over on S. Old Woodward this afternoon in scenic downtown Birmingham. If you've got a classic car you'd like to have profiled by us here on Jalopnik, send him a quick e-mail at and we'll get you set up right! He'll also be at the Royal Oak Starbucks for a few hours this evening, so hit him up there as well. [Special thanks to James on the photoshop chop above — the faces of the innocent have been obscured for their protection]