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Germany's AutoBild elaborates on the story of BMW's upcoming Z2 roadster, a stripped-down MX-5 beater that's been the talk of blogosapiens from here to Tristan da Cunha (now all they need is some roads). AB says BMW strategists don't consider classes or categories of cars, as much as they conceptualize "universes" surrounding its models — the Mini universe, the X universe, the Z universe, etc. That last one, the magazine says, will expand around the time the Z4's successor arrives in 2009, with the darty Z2 and top-line Z8 (in defiance of rumors indicating it'd be called Z6) joining the Z orbit (ooh, spacy). The new models will be redesigned in an effort to boost the sagging sales of the current generation. We read that as less flame-surfacing and more new hotness. We'll see.

Fahrspa vom Kleinsten [AutoBild]

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