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According to a report in the UK's Financial Times, new US airbag requirements by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration could render Bugatti's Veyron superdupercar illegal to import without expensive retrofitting, sending Bugatti right 'round the drain. The company is crying financial hardship in a bid for an exemption — it's an explanation many low-volume carmakers use to petition for a temporary waiver allowing them to sell cars that don't meet all safety standards. Bugatti claims developing air bags would add 10 percent to the car's price, which would have a "catastrophic" effect on sales. The new laws require cars to be fitted with "smart" airbags, which can distinguish between children and adult passengers. Only Ferrari has been given an exemption as yet. C'mon, what's an extra $120,000 among bazillionaires?

US airbag changes threaten Bugatti [Financial Times]

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