AutoWeek, deep into its future products predictions, reports on a couple of Japanese performance cars that could redefine the sportscar landscape. The first is the long-awaited, all-wheel-drive Nissan GT-R, which AW says will arrive as a 2008 model. It'll largely be a competitor to the Chevrolet Corvette, immune from Japanese competition for decades, and priced in the $60,000 range. From Lexus, the LF-A — introduced in concept form at the 2005 Geneva show — will reportedly vault the brand over Porsche in the sports-car wars. To be unveiled in fall 2007, coinciding with the Japan Formula One race moving to Toyota's turf, the LF-A, says AW, will get a 500-hp V8, not the V10 as had been in the works. The price had been reported to be $170,000, placing it in range of Aston Martin and out of the range of all but the most well heeled. Set your calendars now.

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