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Each January, a shadowy cabal of ladies meet for lunch in a Neman Marcus caf in a fortress near the core of the earth. In between sips of the world's finest teas, sweetened with Splenda, the group plots the year's Lexus SC Pebble Beach edition. Will it have special Pebble Beach badging? Why yes! Will it be painted in Tiger-eye Mica, with a camel-tinted leather interior? No! That was last year's model. How about Starfire Pearl, with a passionate Pimento Red leather interior and black birds-eye maple wood trim? Sounds lovely. Will 18-inch G-Spider alloy wheels do? Indubitably. Now, what to wear to its introduction ceremony and fashion show at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance? Something kicky.

Lexus Launches Pebble Beach Edition Lexus SC [internal]