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It's only day one of the muscle car wars, and already we're hearing about one of the pony-makers backing off. This is totally not what we wanted to hear as we get ready for the titans of Detroit to do battle like the Jets n' Sharks of old. To bring you up to speed, this morning the Chevy Camaro Dream Cruise trailer made an impromptu guest appearance and drive-by of a Chrysler PR event talking up a Dodge Challenger give-away promo. After taking that white-gloved slap, Chrysler's PR top dog Jason Vines dropped a grenade into the Chevy PR trenches this afternoon, reminding newly-deputized Chevy PR chief Terry Rhadigan that the Challengers made it to the event under their own power — and needed not the trailer seen carrying the Camaro of old and new. So of course we were expecting Terry to show his stuff, and drop a haymaker onto the German-American hybrid automaker. Hell, we would have settled for ignoring Vines all together and making a sneak attack on the Mustang-loving city of Dearborn to catch FoMoCo unawares. Instead...

...we got a denial that Chevy was doing anything to toy with the Dodge little pony. Reliable sources — including the driver of the Camaro trailer — have told us they were just travelling down Woodward Avenue minding their own business on the way to an event in the tiny community of Pleasant Ridge for a "ceremonial opening of Woodward Dream Cruise festivities." Sure, what-ever. We know it was intentional — and hell, if it wasn't — it should have been. And where the hell has FoMoCo been? Come on guys, get your Mustang in gear over there — there's a battle a-brewin'.


The Muscle Car Wars Are On! Chrysler's Vines Fires A Salvo At Chevy PR Newbie Rhadigan