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Only a one in a million moment could have paired two of the most amazing things in our life in the same picture. An El Camino and The Hunter House restaurant on Woodward Avenue in downtown Birmingham. This must mean only one thing โ€” and just like Jake and Elwood Blues, we've been tasked by some heavenly force to cover the 2006 Dream well as eat lots of the famous burger joints sliders. So we've delegated the task to Wert, and now with just four days left until the largest single-day classic car cruise in the world, here's the first daily update:

โ€ข As you already can see from the above picture, Hunter House is already all set up for the throngs of metal-hungry classic-car-watchers that'll be milling about. And as the son-in-law of the owner, Al Papazian, told us yesterday afternoon

"we've had tents up for a few years now, usually for a private party โ€” but this year โ€” [as the automakers] cut back, we're open to the public throughout the Cruise. And we know we'll need the tents, because as long as the weather's nice, we're feeling like it's going to be bigger [than previous years]."

โ€ข And speaking of grease in the AM โ€” Chrysler's got something cooking this morning at 8:00 AM, and although we'll be out at Duggan's on Woodward Ave to cover it โ€” somehow we doubt its green eggs and ham. Actually, we hear it'll be the Challenger, testing its concept legs on the grand boulevard that is Woodward Avenue. Check back here this AM for our full coverage.
โ€ข There's already so much classic metal out on the streets. If you haven't caught some of the coverage so far, now's a good time to catch up. Also, remember to bookmark the 2006 Woodward Dream Cruise mini-site and for the geeks, drop this into your feed reader.
โ€ข A little bird let us knew that if you're a fan of fins, the place to be is Potbellys over between 13 and 14 Mile Rd on Wednesday at 6 PM. That's cause it'll be the gathering spot for the Cadillac LaSalle Club.
โ€ข We hear that the Freep has a blog too โ€” and although we offered to show them ours, they wouldn't show us theirs. Oh well โ€” we still think it's adorable! And look, it's on typepad!
โ€ข So where will Wert be today? That's a good question especially if you've got a classic car and would like us to profile it โ€” you should send him an e-mail. It's ray -at- jalopnik -dot- com โ€” or you can IM him at RWert3. He'll be starting in Royal Oak today, playing around there and then heading north as it starts to get warmer โ€” much like Michiganders in general.

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